125 S. Main complete

Downtown restoration involving uncovering of the original brick facade and extensive metal restoration

Restoring this turn-of-the-century building involved uncovering the original brick facade and restoring the delicate metalwork which had been covered by green metal 1960's after a fire. We cleaned the brick, stabilized and relaid some brick coursings and replaced the granite cap on the top of the building. We rebuilt the vent system to match the original.

Metal Work

To make the upper facade look like it originally did, we had to find matching patterns for the metal work and order them. Most of the three-dimensional metalwork had worn off over the years, so we were able to make a plan of the original pattern by lightly sanding the old metal to reveal the pattern of the soldering marks. From that we were able to determine which pattern was soldered onto the metal background, re-ordered it from the original manufacturer to have it restored. We worked with Cascade Sculpture and Keith Collins, a Salisbury metal sculpture artist, to install the facade.



125 S. Main with metal125 S. Main St. metal removed

125 S. Main125 S. Main storefront