South-facing facadelovely porch displayThis house was not constructed by Alfred, but rather by Summit Developers during the time when he was part of the company.  The home's design was a collaborative inspiration which began several decades ago. The owners always knew they wanted a low-impact house that would be partially self-sustaining. They decided to incorporate several energy-efficient design features into their home: the south-facing facade absorbs solar heat in the winter. A strip of dark tiles beneath the windows on the floor of the living area helps collect and store solar energy.

a partial earth shelter helps keep home at stable temperatureSolar panels collect energy to heat the water in the summer, while a wood stove heats the water on cloudy days and in winter. The interior of the home is heated with radiant heat: hot water circulated beneath the floor, providing a very even heat. Heating costs stay very low.

The owners plan to incorporate new features into their home, focusing on food production. They plan to build a solar greenhouse using collected rain for irrigation and a household compost to fertilize the plants.

solar panelssolar panels

wood stovewood stove